Version française / English version

The film received the support of La SACEM for the creation of an original music.

The story follows Kiko's point of view, from the beginning untill the end, she observes then she spies.
Its situation evolves from an initial position in tension to a blazing final blooming.
Her feelings shifts as she wants to escape the dogmas imposed on her by a patriarchal society.
These tracks participate in this shift, bringing a kind of lightness and humor.
The musical themes evolves according to Kiko's many moods: adventurous curiosity, pervasive fear, psychedelic triumph.

The Lebanese band Delilihas composed and recorded the main musics of the film. They worked on melodies carrying a dramatic tension, while maintaining this shift which participates in the second degree.

Fabien Cornec, the sound editor, worked on the sound-design of the Kabuki scenes, taking part in the caricaturization sought.

At the end of the story, Kiko falls into a universe that has moved away from the initial realism. The music throughout the film anticipated this final situation, preparing the plunge into a dream-like surrealism.
Kiko is sucked into a sensuality-filled vortex and the high pulsations of house-disco music agrees with that vortex.
In the same way, the synthetic distortions of the notes and the acoustic effects of the music contributes to lose the natural / realistic sound marks. The visual hallucination goes hand in hand with the sound / musical hallucination.