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Lika Minamoto as Kiko
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Kiko is a japanese woman in her thirties, calm with a serious face. Her caring nature can be seen through her work and her linear precision. With her discrete beauty and subdued character she will blend into the dune and forest sceneries. When discovering her new self during the outcome, she will be wearing a lively color and full of blazing beauty, taking a step further to her own blossoming.

During her studies at university, Lika Minamoto worked for a modelling agency in Tokyo then went to a dance school in Paris. She's immediately contacted by another agency to pursue an international modelling career in NY and Milano.
In 2008 she plays in Inju, a Barbet Schroeder movie selected in Venise Festival, co-staring Benoit Magimel. She's also the muse of Flower by Kenzo perfume.

Kengo Saïto as Kiko's husband
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Her husband is almost the same age as her. Confidant of his social and personal position, he commands authority and his dominant position wipes out Kiko's place in the family setting. He's as elegant and handsome as her. The choice that she will make later on will be extreme as it will contrast with the perfect image of their couple.

After his fine arts studies in the USA, Kengo Saïto becomes a concert performer specialized in North Indian and Afghan music. Alongside his international music career, he had a proposition for a movie in 2013 that made him discover his passion for acting.

Arthur Gillet
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Arthur studied at the Fine Art School of Rennes, and contemporary dance at Musée de la Danse. He has shown his work (installations and performances) at MAC/VAL, Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, Palais de Tokyo. He collaborated with a variety of film directors.

The dark-haired man is young and athletic. His long curly beard makes him look like a renaissance canon of beauty. Kiko will be surprised by his sudden appearance as if he just got out of her drawings.

François Burgun
The man with a crest is a character that looks like a manga or video game hero. His strong body sets a wild animal presence, sometimes quiet or disturbing. While getting closer to him, Kiko is impressed and scared by a feeling of danger, until it falls on her.

François studies in Art History leads him to École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles. He's an artist who uses photography as final medium to exhibit his creation to the public. He played in art video-clips and music video-clips.